S. Wright & Associate Technologies
Albuquerque, NM

Industrial Integration, HMI, PLC, SCADA & I&C Automation Contractor NM Licensed GB98, EE98, MM98 and GF09


SWAT will provide QA (Quality Assurance) services through their highly experienced field and management personnel. This service ensures that all I&C and SCADA activities are performed within the project specifications for quality and safety. This approach provides a level of comfort to the owner with an experienced set of eyes looking out for the owner's interest. Our presence will monitor the project for safety and schedule looking to anticipate and reduce disputes and delays that can cost valuable time and monitary resources.

SWAT will also provide the QC (Quality Control) component for either the owner or contractor. The independent QC approach is a service to both the owner and contractor that materials and workmanship are within specifications during installation. As an independent concern, SWAT can ensure a focused approach to quality as that is the primary role we serve on the project.

SWAT is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive independent Quality Inspection services that meet the specification requirements of your projects to whatever extent is needed.


QA/QC Program Includes:

Management Responsibility
Third Party Certification
Document Control
Material Identification and Traceability
Inspection Plan
Calibration (performance or witness)
Loop Testing
System Operation & Failure modes are programmed to meet the Sequence of Operations
FAT Plan (Factory Acceptance Testing)
Control of Non-Conformity
Shipping/Packing/Storage Requirements
Internal and External Audits
Personnel Training (Specializing in Calibration, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Programming of PLC and HMI /SCADA systems)

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